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exercise 4685712
1. Young helpers
2. Importance of discipline
3. Home education
4. Awkward moments
5 A warm welcome
6. Daddy day care
7. Sibling rivalry
8. Methods of persuasion

A. Family reunions can be a joyous occasion and an opportunity to meet new family members as well. Our parents have aunts, uncles and cousins that we may only meet once or twice in life. Often, though, meeting an extended family member can be like meeting a complete stranger. You're not even sure you will like them, and the whole affair can feel a bit odd or uncomfortable.

B. Traditionally, the mother is the primary caregiver to an infant child. She takes time off work and stays at home to provide round-the-clock attention during the child's early years. But recently, more and more men are taking paternity leave from work to stay at home with their new-borns. Mothers find it a welcome trend, as caring for an infant can be exhausting work.

C. While it's true that kids must carry out their responsibilities just as adults do, sometimes Mum and Dad have to be a bit crafty to make it happen.
They have to offer a little reward for a job well done.
It may not be good practice to do it all the time, but if they promise a trip to the cinema, for example the kids will be more likely to clean their rooms.

D. Many families live far away from one another these days.
They may have moved across the or even to the other side of the world.
It's especially hard for parents to see their children do this, either for work or for adventure.
So when special occasions come round, especially the holiday seasons, Mum and Dad are so grateful when their sons and daughters return home.

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E. Sometimes a household is nothing but chaos for days on end.
This is especially true when kids reach their adolescent phase, and you have a couple of teenagers who compete over every little thing in life.
No matter how often parents attempt to stop two kids from fighting each other, nothing seems to work.
They just have to wait until one of them moves away to university!

F. In most families, parents have to constantly remind their children of their responsibilities.
But there are times when kids can be especially useful round the house of their own will.
They also understand those times when Mum or Dad isn't feeling well, and maybe it would be nice if they made dinner for a change or did a little extra tidying up in the living room.

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G. Relationships in the family are complex.
Parents are the carers of their children, but they are their friends, too, and in both senses they would never do anything to hurt them.
But parents must never forget their role as figures of authority.
They have to explain what's right and wrong and make sure their kids do it.
They've also got to provide the punishment when their kids behave badly.

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Контрольные работы по английскому языку МГИМО
Mysterious Monsters
1. Describe the pictures above.
2. Work with a partner and discuss these questions.
Which of these animals do you think exist?
Which creature has been seen in:
  • - the English countryside?
  • - the Himalayas?
  • - Scotland?
What would you do if you saw one of these creatures?

Vocabulary and reading

1. Work with a partner. Imagine you have seen one of the animals in the pictures above.
Which of these words would you use to describe:
  • - the monster?
  • - what happened?
  • - how you felt?

huge attack stun glittering fright incident cat-like sight creature.
Mysterious Monsters hit wild horrifying chase fall down ugly

2. The words in the box above are all from the reading text.
What do you think it is going to be about?
It’s big, it’s ugly, it’s wild and nobody can capture it!

Which of these sentences are passive? Underline the passive forms:
a. My car was stolen.
b. I was stopped by the police for speeding.
c. The building has not been completed yet.
d. He said they’ve been decorating their house.
e. You will be asked to open your suitcase.
f. She claimed she had been at home all evening.
g. Your complaints are being looked into.
h. Letters are delivered every day except weekends.
i. I got to the airport on time but my flight had been cancelled.
j. If I had known they would cancel the flight, I wouldn’t have bothered to go to the airport.

3. Complete this table:
  1. Mysterious Monsters Tense
  2. Active Passive
  3. They speak English in English is spoken in India.
  4. India.
  5. Present continuous
  6. Our house is being painted by decorators.
  7. The police caught the thief.
  8. Past simple
  9. They were taking the dogs for a walk.
  10. Present perfect simple
  11. Past perfect simple
  12. Future simple
  13. Going to
  14. Modal present
  15. I had told her to arrive at nine o’clock.
  16. The government will reduce the taxes.
  17. They are going to sell the car.
  18. The dogs were being taken for a walk.
  19. He has been arrested by the police.
  20. The problem should be solved by the committee.
  21. They may have sold the house.

Modal perfect

4. Complete these sentences using the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets:
a. By the time the police got there, the money_______________________ (take) from the safe.
b. The building __________________________( be) restored at the moment.
c. The suspect_____________________________( just/ arrest).
d. Dogs must____________________________(keep) on a leash all the time.
e. No dogs ____________________(allow) in the restaurant. Please leave them outside.
f. The crime ______________________________(investigate) when the criminal gave himself in to the police.
g. The car _____________________( insure )against accidents ; I renewed the insurance yesterday.
h. A new school ______________________(build) on that site next year.

A 57-year-old woman was mauled, by what she claims was “a huge, black cat”, as she was walking her two dogs near Bodmin Moor in the West Country.
Local police investigated her story, which follows a spate of similar reports in the area.
Residents and visitors to the West Country have been warned to avoid the Bodmin area.
Mrs Williams, the wife of a local farmer, described the cat as “just like something out of the jungle.
It was jet-black all over with a white-tipped tail.
It had short legs but was very strong”.
More details were not available, as the creature moved too fast and Mrs Williams only managed to catch a glimpse of it.
The incident occurred when Mrs Williams was taking her dogs for a walk, as she always does on Sunday morning.
Suddenly something “bashed” her really hard on the back of the head, causing her to fall to the ground, stunned.

“When I came to, there it was – a huge, black cat staring down at me with its glittering, green eyes.
I got the fright of my life, I can tell you”, said Mrs Williams.
“It was a horrifying experience”, she told reporters, as she sipped a cup of tea to calm her down, still visibly shaken. “If it hadn’t been for my Labrador, who chased the monster away, it would have savaged me to death. It was about six foot long, the size of a large Alsatian”.
Mrs Williams’ description matches that of other eye witnesses in incidents involving strange creatures in various parts of the country .
Read more in Paranormal

« World’s Biggest Mystery Were-wolves and Ghosts »

Exmoor, however, seems to be one of the mysterious monster’s favourite haunts.
This is the latest in a whole series of incidents in which a black, cat-like creature has been sighted by people living in the area of Exmoor.
The creature, which looks like a puma say local farmers, has been killing sheep and other livestock.
“It should be caught immediately and shot”, said one farmer who has lost five sheep.
Several other farmers have reported the loss of livestock following attacks by an unidentified creature, assumed by many until recently to have been a wolf.

“A wolf has not been sighted in these areas in living memory”, commented one farmer.
Exmoor police have been trying to track the “Beast of Bodmin ”, as it’s called, since it was first spotted some years ago, but they have so far come up with nothing except for a few very large animal tracks and a trail of dead sheep.
Claims that the creature was sighted in a school playground recently are being investigated.
“Our policy is to look into all reports of this sort, however ridiculous”, said Chief Constable John Witmoor.

Investigations have been intensified and local police have brought in zoologists to assist them in the hunt for the “Beast of Bodmin ”.
Meanwhile, local people and visitors to the area have been warned not to walk alone on the moor .
Parents have been advised to keep their children at a safe distance from the area.
Motorists have also been asked to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and to report sightings to the police immediately.

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